Vita Coco’s Social Media Person Apparently Peed In A Jug To Own A Coconut Water Hater

Vita Coco has gone off the rails.

The coconut water’s community coordinator, Lane Rawlings, tweeted an image of herself on the brand’s main account clutching a jug of what she claims is her own urine. The image was in response to a Twitter troll who had told Vita Coco, “I would rather drink your social media persons piss than coconut water.”

“He said he would rather drink our social media person’s piss. And at Vita Coco, we’ll go to great lengths to prove a hater wrong,” Vita Coco’s brand director Allison Finazzo told HuffPost via Twitter.

The hater at hand is Tony Posnanski, who once wrote an entire HuffPost blog post about how much he hated coconut water. On Wednesday, he tweeted that he found coconut water “fucking disgusting.”

Posnanski then tweeted at Vita Coco directly and told them to not “come at me.” Naturally, Vita Coco came at him and told him to “let us send you some, don’t knock it till you try it.”

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In response to this, Posnanski got angry and wrote, “Fuck that. Save that nasty shit for someone else. I would rather drink your social media persons piss than coconut water.”

Then, in a move that shook fans of brand Twitter at their core, Vita Coco tweeted back this blessed image: 

And yes, the company claims it is really pee.

Posnanski tweeted back, “what the fuck is wrong with you?” alongside a slew of other tweets expressing how funny he thought this whole thing was and that he got “owned by coconut water.”

Finazzo told HuffPost that Posnanski hadn’t provided his address so they have not sent their pee jug to him… yet. 

When asked why the brand went to these lengths, she said that they “hear people loud and clear – not everyone loves the taste of coconut water,” but that they have a new drink, Vita Coco Pressed Coconut, that is “truly Impossible to Hate.”

Through it all, Posnanski told HuffPost that he thought the pee jug photo “was an awesome comeback.”

“The best from a brand. I respect it. But Coconut water is shit,” he said.

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