Twitter Horrified By ‘Unhinged’ Kavanaugh Testimony! – Perez Hilton

This is just despicable.

SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh followed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford‘s

But his “answers” — if you can call them that were even worse. He remained evasive down to every single detail:

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  • He said sexual boasts were just “showing affection” even though the woman they were about called them “disgusting.”
  • He wouldn’t cop to being the “Bart O’Kavanaugh” his friend wrote about getting drunk with in his memoir.
  • He claimed the “devil’s triangle” did not refer to a threesome but to a drinking game no one has ever heard of.
  • He said he loved to drink beer but denied ever having gotten drunk.
  • He claimed brags in his yearbook about “ralphing” were in relation to his famous weak stomach, not puking because of alcohol.

At one point he actually answered Amy Klobuchar‘s question of whether he’s ever been blackout drunk with:

“I don’t know. Have you?”

If you’ve ever tried to get a straight answer out of a guilty child, you’ve seen this before.

Let’s just say the Twitter response was very different for Judge Kavanaugh:

But the reactions weren’t just to Kavanaugh.

No, that’s because some of the Republican senators who were too scared to ask questions after Ford’s testimony were all too eager to get on a soapbox and testify themselves during Kavanaugh’s questioning.

Especially Lindsey Graham, who WENT OFF in defense of Kavanaugh, whom he called a “victim” — and insinuated to Democrats that if this nominee doesn’t get confirmed, he’ll find accusations against all of their nominees.

Yeah. Wow.

We’ll end with the President of the United States… and also Captain America:

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