This Teacher Started Receiving Fruit From Her Students, Turns Out, It Was A Prank

We love our quirky teachers – they are the ones that sometimes make the college experience way more fun than it already is. A friendly and down-to-earth professor makes learning a lot easier and way more enjoyable. A Latin teacher, who goes by the name Quimododragon, is one of these upbeat educators. On her Tumblr page, this cool professor describes herself as a Latin teacher with too many cats and an OCD – but what makes her most remarkable is her sense of humor. Not too long ago, Quomododragon shared with Tumblr her students’ attempt to prank her.

Quomododragon is a Latin and mythology (Classical, Egyptian, Norse) teacher for high school and college students

She became confused when students kept giving her pieces of fruit

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She was baffled for a little while until the truth finally came out

Word on Tumblr quickly spread and the teacher was inundated with questions from random people

Recently, the story made its way outside of Tumblr and people are loving it

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