This 22-Year-Old Woman Just Had The Wildest Birth Story EVER!

If this isn’t the epitome of black girl magic, we don’t know what is!!

Earlier this week, 22-year-old Tia Freeman took to Twitter to detail the craziest birth story we’ve ever read. No, seriously, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant couldn’t even handle this ish.

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Apparently, the Air Force member learned she was significantly pregnant back in January. Per Miz Freeman, she was on birth control that made it so she didn’t get her period every month. Thus, she was already in her third trimester when her pregnancy was confirmed.

She explained:

Unsurprisingly, Tia was a bit in denial regarding her baby news, so she didn’t let her pregnancy derail her previously planned trip to Germany. She continued:

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While on the plane, Tia consumed one of the in-flight meals, which resulted in her feeling nauseous. At first, Freeman thought she was experiencing food poisoning. She tried sleeping off the discomfort, but upon landing in Istanbul for her layover, Tia began realizing that something wasn’t quite right. Eventually, the woman realized she was having contractions.

After having her revelation, Tia took to the internet to try and google symptoms of labor. Rather than call out for help, Tia chose to power through customs and get to her hotel:

In “true millennial form,” Tia chose to YouTube how to deliver a child. Despite having limited supplies, Freeman used what she could find to prep for her little one’s arrival:

However, since Tia put off pushing, her baby’s arrival came faster than expected. She added:

For those of you who are unaware, the baby’s birth isn’t the end of the birthing process, as Tia still had to wait for the placenta to drop:

Once the placenta dropped, she realized it was still attached to her newborn son. (Oh yeah, she had a baby boy, named Xavier Ata.) As she didn’t have any clamps, she self-sterilized some shoelaces for makeshift clamps. Thankfully, the cutting of the umbilical cord went off without a hitch!

Rather than head to the hospital, Tia chose to clean up the hotel bathroom and breastfed her baby:

Not knowing what to do with her little one, Tia headed to the airport — where the employees (rightfully) freaked out, since they thought she was human trafficking a baby.

After the airport established that Tia really was her child’s mother, Turkish Airlines arranged for the new mom to be brought to the US Embassy.

By this point, Tia and her kiddo became celebrities and were taken to the hospital to get checked out. Obviously, unable to fly right away, Turkish Airlines arranged for Tia to have top of the line accommodations:

What’s even crazier is, Tia’s loved ones didn’t even know she had a baby until days later. Man, oh man!

Tia and little Xavier are doing just fine and have since returned home to the States. According to Buzzfeed, the infant is doing really well and is being spoiled by Tia’s family.

Like we said, isn’t this the CRAZIEST story you’ve EVER heard???

[Image via Twitter.]

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