These Are The Celebs Who Have Gotten Involved In The Midterms Betches

Now that Halloween is over, the truly terrifying holiday approaches: Election Day. If you don’t have horrendously scary memories from last Election Day then that probably means you blacked out once Trump won Florida. If you feel a nervous energy in the air, it’s because everyone with half a brain in this country is approaching their distant cousins and asking them to vote, which is legitimately very brave!! You’re registered to vote, right? If not, stop reading this article, it literally doesn’t matter, click here to make sure you’re registered and find your polling place.

You know those columns in gossip rags that are like “Celebs, They’re Just Like Us!”? Well forget all of those paparazzi shots of them in the grocery store parking lots and know that celebs are just like us because both THEM and US are getting out the vote for these damn midterms.

“Which celebs?” you ask. “And where do I have to live to have them graciously knock on my front door?”

Alicia Keys, America Ferrera, And Liza Koshy Road tripped Through Texas

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Ricky Bobby stans Stacey Abrams

Rashida Jones does, too!

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson is a Modern Voter

Look What Marsha Blackburn Made Taylor Swift Do

Alyssa Milano Casting Spells On Ammar Campa-Najjar’s opponent

Oprah Is Nothing Like Us

But is still getting out the vote for Stacey Abrams!

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