Im An American Living In Germany Who Draws Funny Yet Dark Comics (New Pics)

If you’re interested, here you can find my previous post!  Also, you can find the rest of my comics on Instagram or Facebook, or anywhere else that mediocre webcomics are sold. Thanks for reading! | Instagram #1 Metal Detector 23 reply View More Replies… #3 Black Friday Plans 26 reply View More Replies… #5 Why Are We Like This 12 reply View More Replies… #7 The Real Adult Store 18 reply View More Replies… #9 Good Snek 30 reply #11 Opinion Aided 12 reply #13 Get Those Summer Bods Ready 26 reply #15 Doctors Hate This Simple Product! 14 reply #17 Bad Cop #18 Mental Health Awareness 8 reply #20 Water Boy 9 reply See Also on Bored Panda 25 …

I Show What Birds Would Say If They Could Talk (26 Pics)

In this series, They Can Talk, I give you a funny perspective of what might be going on inside the heads of animals. 32 reply View More Replies… #2 23 reply #4 26 reply View More Replies… #6 27 reply View More Replies… #8 42 reply View More Replies… #10 14 reply View More Replies… #12 13 reply View More Replies… #14 46 reply View More Replies… #16 bird 1: maybe she wants to eat us and digest us, bird 2: are you on bird seed? 19 reply 10 reply #20 13 reply #22 6 reply View More Replies… #24 8 reply View More Replies… #26 Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

Artist Transforms Strangers And Famous Characters Into Cartoons (30 New Pics)

Top-notch artistic talent Xi Ding proves that caricature can be more art than kitsch. He highlights the prominent features of a person in humorous, yet life-like ways. From celebrities and public figures to famous characters‘ cartoon adaptations to private commissions – in the hands of this ‘face designer’, subjects turn into charming cartoonized versions of themselves. Bored Panda how Xi Ding masterfully reimagines our favorite movie icons, and now we want to share his new versatile artwork. #1 #2 #3 Xi Ding is an award-winning caricature artist based in Vienna who specializes in live quick draw caricature. Trained as a classical painter for 10 years in his hometown Shanghai, he discovered his passion for drawing caricatures in 2009. He came …

Someone Explains Why Couples Often Dont Understand Each Other In One Simple Illustration

While the lesson is a valuable one, people in the comments still poked a little fun at the illustration