Xbox Live is coming to the Nintendo Switch and more

A Microsoft cybersecurity expert is urging customers to stop using Internet Explorer as a web browser and only default to it as a "compatibility solution."Image: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images Believe it or not, there are still people using Internet Explorer — and Microsoft would like them to stop. Microsoft cybersecurity expert Chris Jackson recently published a post on the official Windows IT Pro blog, titled “The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser.” Jackson urges users that it’s time to stop using its old web browser, a product Microsoft officially discontinued in 2015. In his post, Jackson explains how Microsoft customers still ask him Internet Explorer related questions for their business. The fact of the matter is that while …

The Wisconsin Foxconn factory won’t be a manufacturing plant after all

Foxconn's Wisconsin "factory" won't actually be a factory.Image: ANDY MANIS/GETTY IMAGES Wow, it’s almost like Trump made a promise the real world can’t support. In 2017, Chinese Apple supplier Foxconn broke ground on a factory in Wisconsin that it said would bring 13,000 manufacturing jobs to the US. President Trump even marked the occasion with a White House ceremony to hail his ability to return blue collar jobs to the midwest. SEE ALSO: Tim Cook just announced $1 billion Apple fund to advance U.S. manufacturing jobs Now, Reuters reports that Foxconn is reconsidering plans for its Wisconsin plant.