Scientists Reveal How To “Unscience An Animal” In Hilarious And Adorable Twitter Trend

Wonderful as science is, we all know it can get pretty heavy on the jargon. Most scientific papers border on the incomprehensible to people without much familiarity in that field. So zoos online decided to counteract this, coming together under the hashtag #UnscienceAnAnimal to put the anatomy of the species they study into terms everyone can understand, even if the usefulness for research purposes might be open to question. Zoologists, researchers, museums, aquariums, and other people who just love animals, joined in and the results are a delight.

Early efforts were fairly basic.

Then things got more detailed.

Some institutions realized the potential of the hashtag to remind the world of endangered species we really should be saving. 

It’s not like we need this trend to want to fill the world with photographs of quokkas, but it doesn’t hurt. 

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Some animals’ simplicity is amazing when you think about what really matters. 

You don’t have to be living to get the treatment either.

Botanists didn’t see why those flashy animals should have all the fun. In fact, some decided it was time for their own hashtag.

Some tweets even teach you a little about animals you might otherwise never have heard of.

Finally, it turns out some people have been onto the idea for a while

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