People Are Posting Meanwhile In Memes That Hilariously Summarize Different Countries (40 Pics)

Stereotypes can be harmful, but other times they can be downright hilarious. No matter where you are from you’ve probably had someone spout of some ridiculous stereotype about your city, country or continent – but this list of memes proves there may be some truth to those rumors.

‘Meanwhile, in X’ is a viral meme series based on the participial phrase ‘Meanwhile in…,’ “a literary device that allows an easy segue between two concurrent events in different places. Scroll down below to check out some of the most hilarious stereotypical images from places around the world (including your own) and don’t forget to upvote your favs!


Meanwhile In Canada


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The first account of the “Meanwhile in” meme appeared sometime in February 2010. A flipped image of a Holden Commodore (a very common Australian-made sedan) with the caption “Meanwhile in Australia” appeared on 4chan via /b/ board. The image alluded to the age-old joke that everything in Australia is “upside-down” (due to its southern hemisphere location), and the photo quickly went viral across imageboard sites, blog networks and aggregator services. Since then, multiple variations with other countries and their stereotypes have been posted.



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Meanwhile In Australia


Meanwhile In India

Before there was the internet and memes there were books. This meme originates from a much older expression “Meanwhile, back at the X,” a plot transition technique that is as old as Homer. It rose to popularity in the nineteenth century, when most novels were serialized in popular magazines. 



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Meanwhile In London


Meanwhile In Japan

This literary strategy made its way to film and was used in silent movies when transitions were achieved through title cards interspersed between scenes. In the earliest days, studios didn’t make custom cards for each new movie, but instead used a set of stock cards: “One Year Later,” “Comes the Dawn,” and most famously “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch” were the cards used when the action cutaway. 


Meanwhile In Montreal


Meanwhile In Japan


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Radio programs took on the phrase as well for their popular Western programs – such as The Lone Ranger. “During the course of a battle between settlers and Indians or cowboys and outlaws, there would be a flashback to the ranch preceded by the caption (or radio message), “Meanwhile, back at the ranch.” The phrase became part of the common lexicon and was used in casual conversation. During Lyndon Johnson’s presidency (1963–69), according to William Safire, the phrase was used to refer to activities at the LBJ Ranch in Texas.


Meanwhile In Singapore


Meanwhile In Texas

Just moved to Texas. Fitting in perfectly

While not everyone knows the origin, this phrased has evolved to take on a meaning all its own. According to Robert Hendrickson, author of the “Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins” (Facts on Files, New York, 1997) says: “meanwhile, back at the ranch. An expression that originated as a movie caption in the silent film era at the beginning of the century, these words are used humorously today when someone wants to get back to a story after going off on a tangent.”


Meanwhile In The United Kingdom


Meanwhile In Sweden


Meanwhile In Japan


Meanwhile In Iceland


Meanwhile In Japan


Meanwhile In Bosnia


Meanwhile In Australia


Meanwhile In Russia. Seems Legit


Meanwhile In Canada


Meanwhile In France


Meanwhile In Canada


Meanwhile In Alaska


Meanwhile In Texas


Meanwhile In Florida


Meanwhile In Springfield, Ohio


Meanwhile In Japan


Meanwhile In Canada


Meanwhile In Minnesota


Meanwhile In Finland, We Really Do Love Our Personal Space


Meanwhile In Texas

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Meanwhile In Canada


Meanwhile In USA, While Dogs Nationwide Are Hiding Under Beds


Meanwhile In China (50 Lane Highway Merges Into 4)


Meanwhile In Japan


Meanwhile Park Benches In Finland


Meanwhile In Florida


Meanwhile In Poland


Meanwhile In Sweden


Meanwhile Kearney, Nebraska

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