NYT Report About Trump’s Wealth ‘Devastates’ Trevor Noah

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah can’t get over the report in The New York Times that said President Donald Trump built his wealth on huge gifts from his father and questionable tax schemes.

“I’m devastated right now,” Noah said on Wednesday. “Because the one thing I knew about Donald Trump is that he was a self-made billionaire. And now you’re saying that’s not real? Like what’s next? You’re going to tell me that’s not his real hair?”

Noah said The Times’ investigation exposed Trump’s entire origin story as a lie.

“This is like finding out that Superman was actually born in Cleveland and he can’t even fly,” Noah said.

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Like most people, Noah knew that Trump’s father “gave him a leg up in life.” “But The New York Times has shown that Fred didn’t just give Donald a leg up. He was basically all of his limbs.”

Check out the video above to see who Noah says is playing Fred Trump’s role now.  

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