Natural Healthy Ways to Control Eczema Flare-Ups

Any person that suffers from eczema already knows there is not yet a cure for this frustrating and often embarrassing condition of the skin. The good news however, is there are several helpful techniques that are very effective for controlling these unsightly flare-ups when they do occur. Below is a list of techniques that many people have used to gain quick control of eczema flare-ups they experience.
Virgin coconut oil – The moisturizing effect that can be obtained from virgin coconut oil is amazing, which makes it very effective for healing itchy dry skin. To benefit from smooth soft skin, it is essential to only use the virgin selection. This is because after the oil has gone through the process of refining, many of the healing properties are lost. Some other oils that also contain great healing properties include grape seed oil, castor oil, and avocado oil.
Oatmeal bath – This is a technique that has been used by numerous people for quite some time. This is because it is easy, inexpensive, and it is very effective at reducing inflammation. Some people add one cup of oatmeal right out of the container to their bath water, but it works much better if it is blended into a powder first. Oatmeal contains anti-inflammatory properties, which is very soothing to irritated skin, and it also works as an effective protectant for the skin.
Natural soaps – It is important to stay completely away from soaps that contain perfumes and chemicals, as they tend to only aggravate flare-ups of eczema. Instead, choose soaps and moisturizers that only contain pure and natural ingredients.
Pastes – There are quite a few natural items that can be used to make a paste that works wonders for soothing the discomfort often caused by eczema.
Nutmeg – Adding a small amount of water to nutmeg to form a paste can be applied to eczema flare-ups to obtain fast soothing relief.
Mango – For soothing comfort, the pulp of mango can be boiled in water for approximately thirty minutes. Then, allow it to cool and apply directly to the area of the skin that’s affected.
Aloe Vera – The use of Aloe Vera can provide soothing relief very quickly. Simply break open a small piece of Aloe Vera and apply the substance on the affected area.
Papaya seeds – Taking some papaya seeds to mash up and apply to eczema flare-ups is a great technique that helps tremendously with itching.
Vitamin supplements – Skin that becomes dry and damaged from flare-ups of eczema will heal much faster when you take vitamin supplements. A few vitamin supplements that contain anti-oxidant properties that promote fast healing are vitamins C and E.
Lukewarm baths – When you are suffering from eczema flare-ups it is important to only use lukewarm water to run your bath. The idea is to keep the skin adequately moisturized and the use of hot water will only cause the skin to become even dryer.
Moisturizers – Just as with soaps, you will want to only use moisturizers that do not contain harsh chemicals and fragrances. It is best to only use products that contain pure and natural ingredients.

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