Lawyer Who Ranted Against Spanish-Speakers Is Evicted, Named In Disciplinary Complaint

Lawyer Aaron Schlossberg is facing serious consequences after video footage captured his bigoted diatribe about workers and customers who were speaking Spanish to each other in a Manhattan restaurant on Tuesday.

Since the video of his outburst went viral, the Trump supporter has been evicted from his law offices, named in a disciplinary complaint and chased by reporters. He’s been trashed on Yelp and singled out for a mariachi band serenade.

Earlier this week, Schlossberg was filmed angrily complaining to a restaurant worker about the people speaking Spanish around him. He said he suspected they were in the country illegally and threatened to call the authorities. “They have the balls to come here and live off of my money I pay for their welfare,” he complained. “The least they could do is speak English.” 

Ironically, the website for Schlossberg’s legal business — which has now been trashed online — boasts that he “speaks Spanish.”

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The New York Daily News reported that Corporate Suites, the landlord of the Madison Avenue space that Schlossberg used for his legal business, barred him from his office on Thursday.

“We’ve decided to terminate his agreement with us,” company president Hayim Grant told the News. “His actions don’t fall in line with our beliefs and our community. We’re a diverse community of global businesses that have mutual respect for each other.”

Meanwhile, in a letter Thursday to the state court disciplinary system, Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-N.Y.) and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. (D) accused Schlossberg of misconduct for his “viral racist rant.” Diaz told The Washington Post that Schlossberg should be suspended or disbarred.

Schlossberg ran from news reporters Thursday outside his Manhattan home. He called the police on his phone, saying he was being “accosted by reporters. Please send help.”

Schlossberg is apparently no stranger to angry public confrontations captured on video.

Manhattan resident Willie Morris posted a vlog about his bizarre encounter with Schlossberg on a street in 2016. The lawyer bumped into Morris, called him an “ugly fucking foreigner,” and threatened to call the police.

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Another person said that Schlossberg yelled at Jewish people in the street, accusing them of not being “real” Jews.

Schlossberg could not be reached for comment. His office was not accepting calls or messages.

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