Kate Beckinsale Is Apparently Not Amused By Pete Davidson Makeout Meme! – Perez Hilton

After Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale confirmed their relationship

It’s seriously a VERY funny pic.

A good example was this meme made by Instagram user dietbroke_ who made Pete into “Guys with problems from childhood I can ‘fix’” and Antoni into “Wholesome guys with good paying jobs who text back and have no baggage”:

Ha! Pete’s tattoos just make that one.

And Kate actually RESPONDED! Look!

Look what Kate wrote! / (c) dietbroke_/Instagram

In case you can’t see the tiny print, she wrote:

“Antoni is gay, if that helps clarify at all #queereye”

She apparently thought they were being literal, describing Antoni as a good guy Kate was blowing off.

Aw, that’s not… Look, Kate may still LOOK like a 22-year-old, but she clearly is not getting how this meme thing works. LOLz!

It’s not important what was happening in the pic FOR REAL, when it becomes a meme it’s all about what it looks like in the abstract, in a vacuum — that way people can assign whatever meaning they want on top of it.


See, Kate? It’s fun. We have fun.

In all seriousness, there is something Miz Beckinsale clearly understands just fine — hooking up with a young hottie in the public eye puts one firmly in the spotlight!

We ain’t sayin’ Kate is hooking up with Pete Davidson because he’s Pete Davidson and lots of people are talking about Pete Davidson right now.

We mean, he’s clearly a charming, funny guy who a lot of folks find sexy. (Also, we’ve heard impressive peen talk.) From all accounts both parties are smitten.

What we are saying is… it’s pretty obvious now she’s paying attention to what people are saying about it on social media. She would have gotten away with quietly perusing people talking about her new relationship if she hadn’t felt the need to set the record straight.

But now? We see you, Kate.

Do YOU think the social media reaction is important to Kate? Or are we reading too much into it??

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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