Kate Beckinsale Deletes ALL Her Instagram Posts – Is She Pulling A Pete Davidson!? – Perez Hilton

Looks like Pete Davidson is rubbing off on Kate Beckinsale. (Not like that, you pervs!)

As of Friday morning, the 45-year-old actress apparently wiped her ENTIRE Instagram clean of all posts — a move that’s been made by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and, of course, a certain Saturday Night Life star whom Kate has been dating recently.

The Widow star’s account is still standing, though, as are her 2.8 million followers. So, it doesn’t look like Kate is done with social media completely.

Video: Milo Ventimiglia & James Corden Fight Over Kate In Sketch!

Maybe she’s just trying to rebrand? That was the reason behind the Insta-blackouts of Miley and Taylor, who both went dark for months in between their albums. Then again, Kate isn’t dropping a new album… that we know of.

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The actress might just be fed up with social media as of late. We mean, she hasn’t been the biggest fan of the internet’s memes about her hot romance with the 25-year-old comedian — so she could simply be taking a page from his playbook.

Where’d you go, gurl?! / (c) Instagram

As we know, Davidson has done his fair share of social media bow outs as well. He last deactivated his IG account at the end of 2018 following his breakup with Ariana Grande. At the time, he said the site was bad for his mental health due to all the death wishes he was receiving from users.

Things have been looking up for the funny man in the months since he de-Grammed. In January, he screened his coming of age movie Big Time Adolescence at the Sundance Film Festival and attended a Golden Globes after party where he met Kate.

The two immediately hit it off, and have been spotted holding hands and making out in the backseats of cars ever since.

Video: Pete Addresses Kate Age Difference On ‘SNL’

We doubt Kate has had to deal with the kind of hate Pete was subjected to. But clearly, gurl needs a break from it all — and, at this point, who could blame her?

After all, social media is “the toilet of the internet,” as Lady GaGa so eloquently put it. It can make us feel both comfortable and mildly disgusted with ourselves at the same time: a combination that’s oddly addictive to the human psyche.

But don’t stay on it for too long. If you do…

Your rectum will most definitely fall out.

So, good on Kate for taking a social media break!

We wonder if we’ll see a different version of the actress when she logs back on?

[Image via WENN]

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