House members may make laws, but it’s their adorable kids who rule

(CNN)The average age on the floor of the House dropped by at least two decades on Thursday, when members of the 116th Congress welcomed their family members to watch the traditional swearing-in. As you can imagine, those moppets also upped the cute factor by roughly 1000% — do not ask me to check my math on that one. Just see for yourself.

I one day hope to be as excited about anything as Bella Kaufman was about people voting to make her grandmother, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, House speaker. (Which she now is.)
Apparently dabbing is still a thing kids do. At least it’s a thing the sons of Rep. Rashida Tlaib do.
    No joke, this is an exact reenactment of what happens when people ask me to go on a hike.
    Now, I have never worn a poncho, but I imagine this cute little girl sitting next to Rep. Peter King is just doing what one is tempted to do when wearing a blanket with a hole in it over one’s body.
    “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a small child in proximity to a working microphone, must speak into it.” -Jane Austen, probably
    Look at this kid push another kid off of him. Personal space is a thing.
    Remember this for next holiday season: No one can see that you are clearly rubbing your eyes if you hold something up in front of your face.
    My preferred method of travel is via Dad, too.
      Look who was also there! Perennial child at heart/American treasure Tony Bennett.
      This is a 2019 mood if I’ve ever seen one. We made it through week one. Take a nap, throw some rice cereal on the floor and get ready for next week.

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