Ellen DeGeneres Gifts Blake Shelton An Engagement Clock For Gwen Stefani – Is A Proposal Near?! – Perez Hilton

Our girl Ellen DeGeneres should moonlight as a matchmaker when her talk show eventually ends!

The woman has a pretty darn good track record of nudging successful relationships along and predicting surprise proposals. The 61-year-old host is looking to be right once again, this time with longtime couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

On Wednesday, Shelton stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about the premiere of his latest animated feature film, Ugly Dolls. The country crooner is featured on the movie’s soundtrack with the tune Wallflower and Weeds, and also portrays “Ox,” the one-eyed Mayor of Uglyville in the story’s universe.

But the conversation mainly centered around the state of Blake’s current relationship with Gwen.

Y’all know Ellen wastes no time getting down to business!

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DeGeneres expertly sets the man up for a surprise, by first explaining that she’s done this whole matchmaking thing before when Jennifer Lopez stopped by her show back in February:

“So Jennifer Lopez was here and I wanted to help her out with A-Rod, because she wanted to marry him, obviously like Gwen wants to marry you.”

She goes on to explain that shortly after their conversation about marrying Alex Rodriguez, the baseball player actually went ahead and proposed to his love:

“And I gave her a clock that she could give to him, like the clock is ticking, time is passing. I gave her the clock, and literally a week later he proposed to her.”

LOLz! We know that Ellen is just poking fun, but we truly can’t argue with her logic here. Especially after J. Lo and A-Rod actually tagged the funny woman in their official Instagram engagement post. But this is where the surprise gift comes in!

The daytime TV host points out that Mother’s Day is coming up (FYI, Stefani has 3 kids!), before gifting the man a similar giant clock with a picture of The Voice hosts. Ha! See his reaction and their exchange below:

Blake: So you’re saying, there’s a chance she’s gonna ask me to marry her, with this clock?”

Ellen: “I’ll call her tonight. I’ll tell her she’s waiting for you.”

WATCH their full conversation (below):

As you know, the couple have been dating since November 2015, and this is hardly the first time the comedian has tried to get these two to tie the knot. When the No Doubt singer dropped by the show back in December:

Ellen: “So Blake told me that y’all are engaged now.”

Gwen: “No he didn’t. No we’re not. No we’re not. No we’re not.”

Ellen: “Yes, he told me you’re engaged. So let’s talk about that.”

Gwen: “What are you talking about? We’re not. We’re not engaged, and we’re not married. And he’s my boyfriend still.”

Guess they’ll let us know when things become truly official! Until then, can Ellen keep passing that clock around? LOLz…

[Image via The Ellen Show/YouTube]

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