Doctors Tell This Man That He Needs To Wear A Mask To Help Him Breathe So He Turns It Into Alien Facehugger

If you’ve seen the movie Alien, you know how fun facehuggers are. Despite having a name that sounds like a creature that acts mildly too familiar, no one wants to get their faces hugged by these cute-sounding crawling parasitic extraterrestrials. Well, Jared Grey, a sci-fi author, is here to prove otherwise. Since getting diagnosed with sleep apnea, he has to wear a CPAP mask every time he goes to sleep, which facilitates his breathing. He was not too excited by this and described the mask as a “torture machine”. But, being a huge fan of science fiction, he knew exactly what to do. He made the mask look like it was a real-life alien facehugger, resting in its new host. Just take a look at the final result. Would you get one for yourself?

Jared Gray, a sci-fi author and a huge fan of the Alien movie, got diagnosed with sleep apnea

Image credits: Jared Grey

It’s a sleeping disorder which requires Jared to wear a CPAP mask while sleeping which helps him breathe, but he described it as a “torture machine” that causes discomfort

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Image credits: Rachel Tayse

Being a sci-fi fan, he quickly connected the dots that wearing this mask feels just like receiving a hug by the crawly creature from the Alien movie, the facehugger

Image credits: Alien (1979)

So he decided to personalize his CPAP mask line the only way a hardcore Alien fan could

By taking a life-size facehugger foam replica

And putting his CPAP mask inside of it

Without a doubt, the final result was badass

Now he can sleep calmly, knowing that no one will dare wake him up

People were impressed but definitely not jealous

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