Demetri Martin: My funniest meal? A tie between the ones that have almost killed me

The American comedian, actor and musician on the things that make him laugh the most

The funniest sketch Ive ever seen

Monty Pythons Argument Sketch is hard to beat.

The funniest book Ive ever read

The dictionary. I really like the sample sentences. I often wonder: Why this sentence?

The funniest heckle Ive ever had

That would have to be my entire familys reaction to my pursuit of standup comedy as a career. It wasnt so funny to me at the time, but now, as a prolonged, dull, aching heckle, I find it very funny.


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The funniest film Ive ever seen

My father showed me the Pink Panther films when I was pretty young. I loved them, especially The Pink Panther Strikes Again. I think Peter Sellers was a genius.

The funniest person I know

[Actor and comic] Albert Brooks. I probably laugh the most around him. He really is uniquely funny.

The funniest item of clothing Ive ever owned

Looking or smelling?

The funniest meal Ive ever eaten

This would be a tie between all of the ones that have not almost killed me; I have life-threatening food allergies.

The funniest hairstyle Ive ever had

You tell me.

The funniest number

I find infinity to be very funny. Maybe because of how it looks like a pair of goggles or a bikini top.

Demetri Martin is on tour in the UK, 14 to 18 April; starts Dublin


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