A Look into the Cause and Natural Treatments for Swimmers Ear

Swimmers ear is an infection that frequently happens after a person has been swimming and it involves the ear canal and the outer area of the ear. Some people have even been known to get swimmers ear after shampooing their hair in the bath or shower. Another name commonly used in the medical professional to describe this infection is Otis Externa.
Common Causes of Swimmers Ear
The change in the acid level or pH within the ear that is caused when water gets inside the ear is what causes this painful type of infection. This is because this change makes it much easier for bacteria to also get inside the ear and cause an infection.
Swimmers ear is an infection that can be extremely painful. It can also cause the following symptoms as well.
Ringing noises heard within the ear
Drainage of fluid
Inflammation within the ear canal
Swollen lymph nodes
Sensitivity to touch
Low grade fever
Fullness feeling
Along with the above symptoms, there are some people that will also notice they are temporarily unable to hear properly.
Natural Treatment Options for Swimmers Ear
Because this type of infection is caused by bacteria, it is important to seek the treatment of a medical professional. In order to completely get rid of the infection antibiotics are needed. There are however several natural treatment options that can help a great deal in relieving the symptoms swimmers ear is known for causing and they are as follows:
Ear flush – While this can be done at home, it is much safer to have medical professionals flush your ears when it is needed. This procedure can help to flush out the buildup of wax and pus that tends to gather in the ear when a person has swimmers ear.
Warm compress – A damp hand towel can be heated in the oven or microwave, and then applied to the affected area. When great care is taken not to get the towel too hot, it can provide a large amount of soothing relief.
Olive oil – Warm a small amount of olive oil and place several drops into one ear at a time. After letting the oil to sit inside the ear for a few minutes, you will then need to allow it to drain thoroughly.
Garlic oil – To relieve the pain and pressure caused by swimmers ear, garlic oil can be applied into the ear and drained just like when olive oil is used.
Witch hazel – This is a natural herbal remedy that contains anti-inflammatory properties and is very effective for treating swimmers ear. Simply take a cotton swab and moisten it with witch hazel tea. Then, carefully dab the cotton swab on the affected area.
Calendula oil – This remedy is effective for fighting and killing bacteria, and only a few drops need be applied to each ear.
Baby oil or castor oil – It only takes a few drops applied into the ears of one of these oils to provide fast relief from swimmers ear pain.

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